About FKA

FKA - Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland


FKA is the Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland

FKA is a non-profit professional network for Icelandic business leaders. It was founded in april 1999 and it´s core was to support women to manage and grow their business.  

What-is-fkaTHE AIMS OF FKA:

  • To bring together women business leaders in order to make them stronger and more noticed in the business world and in the society. 
  • To encourage exchange of ideas and knowledge and sharing of experiences, both national and international, between its members. Major
  • To promote business between FKA women. 
  • To promote exchanges, relationships and development of national and international contacts aimed at reinforcing partnerships and access to new markets. 
  • To encourage FKA women to use all possible means in order to re-educate themselves and be aware of all the latest developments which may effect the oVisionperation of their business.  
  • To make FKA business women a respected target group in the society for opinions, comments and guidance.


  • Give attention to successful and exemplary businesses and companies.Role
  • Promote positives changes in relation to women gender equality.
  • Promote business relations.
  • Serve the role as an observer in the Icelandic society. 


We work with international association sharing the same aims and objectives. 
Throughout the years we have worked close with a few, either directly through the Association or through our members:

GSW - Global Summit of Women  - FKA is a Global Member Organisation

EUWIIN - European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network –  Part of Kvenn.org

 FCEM – World Association of Women Entrepreneurs

 NAWBO – National Association of Women Business Owners in USA

 Federation of Business and Professional Women – in association with BPW-Estonian

 30% CLUB Growth through diversity

TIAW - The International Alliance of Women

The Finnish Association of Women Entrepreneurs  

WEB - Women Enhancing Business

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