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09.05.2018 kl. 16:30

FKA New Icelanders: Invitation to a Happy Hour


FKA is proud to announce that it has launched FKA New Icelanders for businesswomen of foreign origin. This group will be within the FKA International Committee. Our objective is to create an ecosystem, provide networking and support for New Icelanders who are looking to start a business (store, hair salon, tourism, import/export), or are specialists, manager or leaders within a company. It was also wonderful to hear that the Ministry of Social Affairs have congratulated FKA on this new initiative.

You are invited to a Happy Hour with FKA New Icelanders. We want to make this a fun networking event so we get to know each other and bring some other people to meet you. Here is a highlight of the agenda:

- Orange Cafe will host the event in there exclusive for FKA New Icelanders with Happy Hour
- Time to order drinks (at your own cost)
- Danielle Neben, Vice Chair of FKA will give a short introduction as well as Paula Gould and Rocio Calvi.
- Do a speed dating to introduce each other - 3 minutes per date with exchange of business cards
- Have fun!

We hope to see you there!

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