Mynd af Helga Bára Bartels Jónsdóttir

Helga Bára Bartels Jónsdóttir

  • Starfstitill: Framkvæmdastjóri
  • Fyrirtæki: HBBartels ehf / Travelling Iceland
  • Heimilisfang: Hléskógar 8
    101 Reykjavík
  • Vinnusími:  
  • Farsími: 8641336






2006 - 2009 framkvæmdastjóri Bárusteinn
2016 - framkvæmdastjóri HBBartels


2016- Founder and managing director of HBBartels ehf. and Travelling Iceland, and Grænar Ferðir, a Travel Agency and Tour operator, /
2013- Freelance Tour Guide and Web design.
2012-2013 Senior geologist for the North Atlantic Mining Associates Ldt (NAMA). Preparation for field work, mapping and sample collection in Kuhn Ø, Greenland. Field work in Vatnsdalur and Víðidalur (Iceland).
2009-2013 Research work for the MILLENNIUM project. Duties include sample analysis and writing research articles for publication in peer reviewed journals.
2009- Part time gymnastic coach at the gymnastic club Gerpla in Kópavogur, Iceland.
2009 Employed by the Environment Agency of Iceland. My work focused on the prevention of Marine Environment and Beaches against pollution.
2006-2009 Co-founder and managing director of Bárusteinn ehf. A company involving tourism and photography; ,
2006-2008 Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Denmark and the University of Iceland. Project: MILLENNIUM, European climate of the last millennium. Supervisors: Karen Luise Knudsen and Jón Eiríksson.
2001-2005 Grant researcher at the Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia e Geologia, Departamento de Geologia Marinha (LNEG-DGM), PT-2720 Alfragide, Portugal. Work involved the study of climate variability in the North Atlantic and contributed to my PhD thesis. This work was part of the HOLSMEER Project (Late Holocene shallow marine environments of Europe).
2001 Laboratory assistant at the University of Århus, Denmark, June.
1998-2001 Gymnastic coach at the gymnastic club VIK in Århus, Denmark.



HBBartels ehf / Travelling Iceland

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